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CBD Distillate Vape Kit/Cart – Blueberry Muffin


CBD Distillate Vape Kit

1 x C-Cell Concentrate Vape Cartridge

0.5g CBD Distillate Vape Oil

1 x C-Cell Rechargeable Battery

1 x USB Charger

Also available as a ‘cartridge only’ option for those who already have a suitable vape pen with a 510 thread.*

Our new Blueberry Muffin vape oil is delicious and leaves a subtle lingering flavour of beautiful blueberries after the exhale. These vape oils allow convenient and discreet access to your CBD wherever you are. Economical to the extreme due to the high cannabinoid concentration, just a couple of pulls is enough to deliver a generous dose of CBD meaning that a cartridge can go a long way.

Our new range of CBD Distillate Vapes utilise leading C-Cell concentrate cartridges and batteries to bring you the very best distillate vape experience. Sourced from a world leading extractor the CBD extracts are some of the finest available. Paired with food grade botanical derived terpenes from a leading innovator in the terpenes marketplace the flavoured options produce a range of unique and tasty concentrates.

CBD Distillates are produced through a complex sequence of purification and distillation of hemp extracts. The resulting concentrates contain between 50-90% CBD. The more concentrated that the extract becomes, the more solid the final extract is. Extracts containing between 50-60% result in a thick liquid golden oil suitable for specialised vape pens. Extracts with a concentration of over 70% CBD take on a more solid crystalline structure as the percentage increases.

Our new range of Distillate Vapes contain around 52% CBD and 8% CBG and are available as either natural unflavoured or terpene infused flavours. 52% equates to 210mg of CBD per half a gram.

These extracts contain naturally occurring terpenes from the hemp plant and terpenes extracted from food sources infused into the extract. They will therefore contain limonene and linalool.

Contains less than 1mg of THC per pack.

The product is not designed or intended to administer the THC component to the consumer and only exists in the product as it is practically impossible to remove all traces of it from the product. It is a remnant from the processing of hemp, which naturally contains trace amounts of the compound but at levels which are legal and completely non-psychoactive.

Meets the definition of an exempt product.

*Please note if buying the ‘cartridge only’ option it is the customers responsibility to ensure the compatibility of their device with the cartridge. Not all devices will be suitable even if the thread size is 510.



Complete Kit, Cartridge Only

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