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We provide the finest High Grade Hemp products available in the United Kingdom. Our hemp flowers all contain naturally occurring levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) which is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness.

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Back from the Court of Appeal

Since 2019 the hemp industry has been fighting a quiet battle with local police forces incorrectly accusing business owners of selling a controlled substance.

As Uncle Herb faced charges of importation and supply of a controlled drug we set about proving that our business and all those like us, were selling hemp which is a legal substance and cannot lawfully be described as cannabis.

After years of harassment and having to end up navigating the criminal court system ourselves, we were finally successful in achieving what we had set out to do after these allegations were made.

The UK now has legally binding case law which states that hemp is not a controlled drug, does not have the ability to be used as a one and that prosecutions against us and others should not have gone ahead. 

We fought for ourselves, we fought for our customers and we fought for our competitors. We did this because we were accused of something so outrageous that we could only defend ourselves and others by having the law confirmed by the courts.

Someone needed to stand up for the industry…

For the sake of Justice and for all those that suffered!

Our Story

What Uncle Herb Sell Here!

Uncle Herb has been the UK’s leading online hemp flower shop since our humble beginning in 2018. We are determined to provide the best CBD Hemp Flowers.

All of our raw hemp products are made from processed European hemp strains grown within the European Economic Area and are imported legally.

They are derived from crops that contain less than 0.2% THC required by European law and are non-psychoactive and will not get you ‘high’. Under European law the trade of hemp is protected and does not exclude any part of the hemp plant. 

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I recently decided to try cbd flower. I’ve ordered a selection of strains from 3 top rated shops. I can honestly say uncle herb is best.
Jennifer Lewis
On my first two purchases from Uncle Herb, were this strain. Wonderful sized buds and bud density, flavour was better than expected.
Alicia Heart
Ordered 3.5g came next day. The pink grapefruit was very nice. Ticked all the boxes, smell, taste, smoke & look.
Juan Carlos
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